Sealed MGS Collection, Battlespire guide, PS games, Dracula X

Quite a lot of interesting auctions ended last weeks.

First of all – a decent sealed Metal Gear Solid Collection. 12 games. Pretty cool.

Metal Gear Solid 2 3 4 Playstation NES PSP VGA U 90 Lot 1025$

Then we have impressive set of PS game record prices (check other seller items)

Legend of Mana (Sony PlayStation, 2000) New 165$

Brave Fencer Musashi PlayStation New Sealed 152$

Next we have glorious Dracula X for snes. It’s a long time that i haven’t seen a straight auction for thing like this. The price is pretty ridiculous. These were always 700-750$.

Castlevania: Dracula X (Super Nintendo, 1996) NEW! 935$

Now the most ridiculous thing. I am not sure it will ever be paid. The seller was listing this for over a decade and now it got sold. Holy damn. This is indeed rarest guide among all Elder Scrolls universe. And sealed one is imposible to find. But 250$ for a book? Fuck it. I wish i’d bought a used copy for 50$ this year….

NEW BattleSpire ATHENAEUM Elder Scrolls Strategy Guide US $254.95

I always laugh when i see those silly prices on amazon.





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  1. richard says:

    Is the battlespire “Athenaeum” still for sale?

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