Two Most Worthless SNES games graded!

It has happened! I feared that some day that will happen, and it did!


I nominate those for worthless grading efforts of the year. Two shittiest, worthless releases.. Abominations of snes library, putrid vomit in game form, even cow poop is more desired then those.

Space Invaders is considered as most worthless game sometimes not even reaching 0.99$ CIB. Here.. behold an tremble.. Someone was ass stupid enough to spent some time and money to grade it! I am pretty sure it was about 40$ to grade it. Now it’s time for selling of cause! Yours for only 199$… Oh wait.. Uncirculated?? And why should it be circulated? Who in the holy poop of hell would even dare to “circulate it”? I’m speechless.


Another nominee as “most retarded grading ever” is F-Zero Player’s Choice. While F-Zero game itself is not as stinking, boring piece of turd as Space Invaders, it’s more common then a bottle of water. Whenever you are searching for sealed snes games… you always see them. They are like a poke to the eye, a finger in the ass. There are cases of them, waiting to be pissed on and burnt afterwards. But not only people actually buy those (for what reason?) from time to time, some most insanely stupid retards even send it for grading! Grading a 0.99$ dirt cheap game is something beyond idiotic. But look here. WOW!.. i mean.. WOoooW!!! FOUR HUNDRED for this? I sometimes amaze and refuse to understand how far human stupidity can extend. If you really love F-Zero so much. Go and buy an original print instead. For 50-100$.

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4 Responses to Two Most Worthless SNES games graded!

  1. lefalaja says:

    VGA = Vagina Grading Authorities

  2. Geobros says:

    LOL!!! I love darksol’s description!!! 😮

  3. hadakajime says:


    This make me crack laugh up my loud. You have a golden (shower) way with words


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