Amazing Panzer Dragoon auction!

I’ve stumbled upon this a couple of days ago.


This thing is such a beauty!

Basically it’s a collection of Panzer Dragoon franchise with not only ALL the games (with a wicked Panzer Dragoon Mini for game gear) but also with soundtracks , Panzer Dragoon music box, and even the pin and an ad. The games are all VGA graded and looks like PDS is not in best condition with VGA70 raiting. But still very good. This game is still expensive and not common to find sealed. I think i am lucky to have bought this for 400$ years ago.

The whole set is beautifully framed , seller says frame was 2000$ alone and whole crap weighs 50 pounds. And this is quite fair i think. It is beautiful.

Please someone, buy it.

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2 Responses to Amazing Panzer Dragoon auction!

  1. geobros says:

    Indeed, it’s a wonderful collection!

  2. lefalaja says:

    it is really nice!! BUT no way 2k for that frame! horsepoo

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