Backdooring and ebay and Sealed Game Heaven…

It came to my attention that one important thread disappeared from Sealed Game Heaven. It has just vanished into the abyss.. as an unwanted one.. But luckily we managed to save it for posterity.


The thread is about backdooring. It’s very popular technique on ebay. It’s when you buy something EXTREMELY cheap, paid or want to pay for..and then out of sudden seller comes back to you and says item is no longer available because his granny destroyed it by her ass or dog ate it. And other stupid shit. Reality is that seller was quickly contacted by never-sleeping filthy backdoor resellers and offered much bigger money. And now he realized he’s an idiot and his item is worth much more.. thus trying to invent a legitimate story for a backup..

I don’t like this kind of  attitide at ALL. From both sellers and buyers. A deal is a deal no matter what.

Funny is that on SGH there is even a policy to ban users if they caught backdooring… Well. I guess it’s now time for an admin to get banned. LOL.

The member called Startyde (a funny hairy chubby guy and a long time collector) made an impressive provokation. He listed an extremely cheap Mega Man X2 and then bought it himself. And started waiting.. to see what will happen. lol… And backdoorers came. No wonder there were some users from SGH but the most impressive thing is that admin was one of them (ebay id sealedgameheaven). The one who was strongly against backdooring and nearly invented the policy himself. That is such a shame…How fuck is that… Oh god. Val, you’d better ban yourself till it’s not too late.. Shame on you for eternity. How could you fall as low??

and there were also jonebone and vantas and immortalgreat1.. lol

Read the whole thread here:

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45 Responses to Backdooring and ebay and Sealed Game Heaven…

  1. Val says:

    Whats worst ? The market has change … Let the resellers snipers win everything ? Better not collecting at all then as no one will win anything for a decent price.
    I will backdoor a reseller any-day and anytime …..

    • darksol says:

      Yes, but you broke your own rules. That is the case. And don’t pretend you’ve tried to save the poor seller from resellers with your 1,5k offer. This is as pityful and low as it gets.. LOL

  2. Geo says:

    Hmmm…I didn’t know anything about that. To be honest, I am really disappointed of this story…

  3. Val says:

    I am not a resellers and that offer was for a piece to be in my collection … You know that . That game was gone within few seconds and a sealed MMX 2 for 50 dollars is pretty much robbing someone. Who is gonna snipe within secs if not resellers.
    This is what you can do Darksol … Let all the resellers buy everything and sell it to you for 300% few days later … I am not willing to do that .
    You make no sense.

  4. Val says:

    Also no one cares Anton … This is the reason only myself and yourself are the only people here discussing this matter. Wake up ! Everyone backdoors and snipes nowdays . You want to be the victim . You go and do that !

    • darksol says:
      look how noone cares. lol.
      And you deleted the thread on SGH.. you are pathetic…

      • Val says:

        I have insulted you mate …
        You can make your points and that is fair … I respect that.
        You insult me once again and your whole SGH account and posts will be delete it. Do you want to test me ?
        I am the only reason you have not been banned long ago as most people wanted you ban for a long time now.

        • darksol says:

          LOL. I never insulted you. You insult yourself here over and over again with your replies 🙂

          • rarecube says:

            Good… Just watch it mate and you’ve been warned.
            Make your points but always with respect and without insulting.

            • darksol says:

              Do not come and warn me on my own website! You should learn some respect in the first place.

              • rarecube says:

                You are the one who doesn’t know how to make his points without insulting . Fair enough to post and make your comments but without insulting mate … You are the one who needs to respect others.
                I will repeat the same thing in case you forgot… You know how many members/mods asked me to ban you ? I told them youve been at sgh for a long time and you are a part of SGH but please dont make me regret my decision as not many people will miss you ….

                • darksol says:

                  I absolutely do not care what some mysterious assholes think about me. You came to the wrong place to blackmail me.
                  The whole post is about you, not about me. And what i did is just post the thread you deleted yourself onm SGH, like a coward, and shed the light on the story. I haven’t even seen the thread on SGH cause you deleted it sooooo fast. Luckily it’s been saved by good people.

  5. gamesgaryjp says:

    It wasnt sniped within a few seconds. It was bought using the buy it now. The buyer wasnt a reseller he couodve been a legit collector and you wanted to rob them of that. This behaviour is typical of someone whos been caught out and doesnt like it.

    I like you val but this is counter productive and goes against your whole argument about backdoorers 🙁

  6. gamesgaryjp says:

    Everytime someone gets a bargain it doesnt mean they are a reseller. If this happened to you it would be a big deal over on sgh with a witch hunt and bannings left right and centre.

  7. Val says:

    I am I remember yourself included and Mr.Russia here telling me off for wanting to delete just auction ended auction from our forums …

    You guys went ballistic and said why to worry when everyone snipes / backdoors and resells nowdays … To let everyone do whatever they please and not having restrictions …
    I myself for once listen to one of your advices as no one cares about anyone in this hobby and you guys are the ones flaming me ?? :cuddle:

    @Anton ,
    You come crying to me many times about rarebucky backdooring you and telling a seller not to sell you because you are russian rat and not trustable … You told me I didnt care about backdoorers and let Bucky without a ban… And now you are saying I was the one introducing the rule??? You make no sense !~!

  8. Staryde says:

    Val, you really have revealed your colors with all this. You could have just admitted you screwed up but instead, you run around making every excuse in the book why you had your hand in the cookie jar.

    We could have had an adult discussion about what the ramifications of backdooring really are, but no, ythe conversation was killed when you deleted every reference to your crime from the forum, and clear the chat logs whenever you are mentioned.

    Shame on the SGH admins for letting one man destroy convos that din’t violate the TOS purely because they point out incontrovertible proofs.

    I’m going to make it my personal crusade to find collectors an alternative gathering place devoid of this ridiculous censorship and hypocritical tantrums. People deserve better than what the SGH admins are delivering.

  9. John says:

    Hahaha I love this article, so true.!

    I guess, what comes around goes around. Same with sniping. The Admins/Mods are an absoulte disgrace to sealed video collecting. They have no respect towards other members on the forum. I doubt they would say anything face to face. Behind the keyboard they express their rage and they think they will get away with it. This is obviously not the case, as seen here.

    Whatever is posted against them, if anything is said against them which is true they don’t like, they either block you for their awful site or rant around like little children, e.g sandick. Get outside and smell the fresh air.

    On a side note, It is quite obvious happyheed inflated this auction

    The R-type gameboy color game is worth around £25, because happyheed has this game, he decided to push the auction to a limit, where he was the highest bidder and no one made any further bids, so he decided to retract his bid and then become the 2nd highest bidder. Quite obvious he is making it out this game is worth a few $$$ which in reality isn’t.

    In a nutshell, they are ruining the sealed game market.

    • happyheed says:

      JOHN – you idiot , get your facts right , that aint me .
      i am : h***e(private)

      fucking mong !!

      • Jürgen says:

        I agree with JOHN 100000 %

        Yet again, another mod has shown his true colors! Why is there a need to swear and use foul language? I hope you haven’t brought up your kids to speak like this.

        After viewing some awful comments made by the mods on the SGH Forum, I didn’t bother logging in ever again or showing off my collection – A one of a kind at that.

        As well as that, I agree with the thread posted by darksol. In my opinion, Backdooring has poisoned this entire hobby. Instead of this being a hobby, it has come to an extent of greed and hate.

        Overall, my experience of SGH has been negative, and one which I would not recommend to any collectors.

        • happyheed says:

          well , i would have the need to swear if idiots didnt make false accusations .

          • happyheed says:

            myself and a few others have actively tried to stop this backdooring .. most of us are 100% against it . so i dont know why all the mods are suddenly in the firing line . very unfair .
            if i do something wrong then i admit it and learn from my mistakes but i dont like to be accused of something i did not do .

  10. John says:

    I have been a member of SGH for just over a year now – and really there is no reason to be pointing fingers at Val or myself in this regard. We saw a great rare item – highly collectible sell for stupid cheap, often anything worthy is sniped within seconds by scripts of people who buy and sell for 5-10-100x what they pay for it. With people like Omar who over the past year has made this one of the most expensive hobbies ever – it is almost impossible for most people to afford some of the great titles we all grew up with. Most of you have even gloated to the fact that you’ve bought HOUSES or CARS or went on 10K + vacations because you’ve sold a video game.

    My biggest problem is the fact that some of the SGH members are very two-faced – you’ll preach that other people’s collectibles are garbage/worthless while the stuff you have are grails and god given gifts to the world. I do not know alot of you so I cannot say for a fact that you or anyone else has done this but I am pretty damn positive that most people here – whether or not they have been on SGH through their collecting years, but you have messaged or sniped games – to which in your opinion were much more valuable – than what someone else paid.

    I feel that we are all in competition with one another to some degree – a lot collect, some buy and re-sell because they know others will pay for the highly demanded titles out there. The market has become so volatile – people are very quick to become defensive and angry towards others, and the biggest reason for this is all about the money – the value. Deep down we all know this is true so to say anything else is hypocritical.

    I respect everyone equally and do not degrade or feel that I am more superior than anyone else – so for those that have been acting as if they are gods among men – you really need to get off your high horse. I have met alot of great friends who are great people – maybe not the richest people on this planet, people like you and me who have 9-5 jobs, who struggle from time to time – we all collect our point of view – favorites for whatever platforms/systems that we felt gave us a “wow” feeling that has carried with us from our early childhood/teenage years towards adulthood. Please give everyone a equal chance to join and become more apart of our community – I feel we are very very tight knit community who almost as soon as someone joins, dismiss them. I realize because of the way the market has been there have been a lot more interest in the level of video games at a resell level which turns off most people but not everyone has that mentality when they join us.

    I have kept my head down and noticed a lot of these different things going on – this is just my perspective – maybe some others will read this and realize some truths to my statements.

    Either way though I think we shouldn’t argue and persist anymore on this topic – things have changed so much since I started collecting, probably even moreso for you collectors who have been collecting for more than a few years – we all need to adapt, maybe we shouldn’t share so much? It seems to create animosity / jealousy / anger – probably a lot more emotions – I don’t know what real fix is going to take for us to move on and share our passion for collecting video games without there being so much rivalry/competition and everything I have mentioned in this topic – but let’s cut the bullshit and pretend everyone else is innocent. Especially when this could be the only time this has happened to whoever, it really doesn’t matter anymore.

    Much respect,


  11. theharrison says:

    Wtf….this is not the sgh I left behind….I may have been a useless bald beer guzzling brit but I would never have behaved like this as admin….just a censor away from becoming the pascalator… Anton may not be very eloquent with his retorts but he has a fair point. Backdooring fellow members is the epitome of assholery.
    It was all the plotting and scheming that made me sell up and fuck off, I thought it was left in safer hands than this. Greed corrupts.

  12. rarecube says:

    I was representing SGH and shouldn’t have done it for that reason alone … I do apologize for that.

    It is just very difficult to get anything anymore having ebay flooded with resellers looking at every opportunity and refreshing every second. Our hobby is not what it was once… It is very unfair for someone to play by the rules when the large majority doesn’t. The same rules I did endorse once and was against also.

    The market and our hobby has changed and I can only adapt or otherwise quitting collecting as it would be impossible for me to afford by having very wealthy people buying from resellers and keeping their flow revenue stable.

    The worst thing of all… I am not sure If I wouldn’t do it again if I have the chance… I don’t want to be an hypocrite and say I would never do it again … I am not sure if the European guys are familiar with the USA market but it is just impossible to buy anything anymore … If you buy something it will be from the stipulated price of the resellers .

    I have just being honest to all of you and this is the way I see my passion and hobby at the moment.

  13. justice says:

    I love Startyde for putting this fake-auction up on ebay. Finally we see the true faces coming out.
    My honest opinion here is, that u failed Val, because u as one of the Admins made these rules not to backdoor or snipe a game which was bought from the winner through a BIN (Buy It Now) auction. This Mega Man X2 wasnt even sniped buy the winner, but it was a BIN auction, so a real auction, a real buy through Ebay.
    If it would have been an auction and the winner had stopped the auction through sniping the Mega Man X2 then i could have understand you that you would snipe it for a higher price. Even then it would be gay, but as u say, every motherwankerfucker is doing it, so why not you too.
    Fact is though that u backdoored the winner of this real BIN-listing and this is what made u fail mate.
    As an Admin you cant do such things. You moaning around when other normal SGH-members doing such a thing and these other normal members even get banned for example, but you yourself doing it too secretly.
    You know i like you, but this was an epic action from Hairy no.1 tyde and so i could see your other dark side now too Val!!! Normally you should get banned by Sandrik now for at least one week that you see how normal members must feel when the y get banned! :meeting:
    Some french motherfucker backdoored me too on a blister game some month ago which i bought for a BIN price of 3000,- Euros. It was a BIN auction as i said. There is nothing i hate more when someone is backdooring me when i bought a game through a BIN-listing!!! I hate all the backdoor bitches! Mothergay-biatchwhoreloosers!

  14. Startyde says:

    Another day, another post that makes my eyes bug out. John, rarecube, and Val…you all sound like priviledged babies.

    You make it sound like this harsh cruel world is keeping you from feeding your families. We’re talking about a god damned SEALED MMX2. if you love the game, why dont you buy a loose cart…or a CIB? No, that won’t do. You HAVE to have a SEALED copy of a top 10 SNES game that literally everyone else on earth wants. Of COURSE it’s going to be hard to win jackasses.

    I love how if you had won the auction when it was listed, it would have been an epic snag, but if ANYONE besides Val won, then clearly they are a reseller and the world is against me and there’s no way anyone out there was more deserving than me. Get over yourself. You’re not a tortured soul, driven to these ends by a cruel society. You’re a spoiled brat who is tired of waiting his turn so you tried to cut to the front of the line and got caught.

    More to the point, as an admin to SGH, YOU REPRESENT US, making us all look like hypocritical backstabbers. You should have stepped down just for the insult, or at least went insane with dignity and faded to black like Pascal. Or you know, JUST APOLOGIZED. But you took optoin 4: Delete all, talk a big game in private, and then delete all evidence so no one can question you. It’s a joke. You’re a joke. You don’t get to have it all. No one does.

    God help you if you collected Picassos. I’m sure you’d have competition there. Guess all those people who want YOUR paintings to are all scum bag resellers. Only you’re deserving, right? It’s not fair I tel you. Why aren’t they mine!!!

    Or those pricks that got into Yale when you didn’t. Cheats all of them, you deserve it more because you breathe, right?

    God damn you people.

  15. Maxim says:

    As someone who has been unemployed for the past 2 years and who has just started trying to collect sealed video games I find this kind of behavior outrageous.

    There seem to be a lot of rich people into this, to whom money isn’t an issue. That makes it real tough for guys like me, because I just can’t afford to bid even 20% of what many of those sealed games are worth. If I decide to bid on something, I must REALLY want it and do a huge economic sacrifice, and I’ll lose anyway.

    My only chance is to sit in front of the computer all day randomly refreshing to see if a bargain has shown up. It’s nearly impossible to find anything, and on top of that, sad people like the ones mentioned in the post try to trick sellers into breaking the contract when they sell “cheap” to someone else? Well, fuck you guys. That’s stealing.

    It’s even more hilarious that they try to excuse themselves acting like they are victims of an unfair system and aren’t even sorry about it. They probably have hundreds of sealed games, such tragedy if they let someone else get one cheap. They have to make sure to steal that person’s luck and joy by persuading the seller into breaking ebay’s rules so they can satisfy their greed (the seller can even get sued for breaking a contract if he agrees).

    Really funny that you ask to be respected after breaking everyone’s trust and disrespecting them yourself. You really make me sick, and I should probably give up my dream of having a few sealed copies of my favorite childhood games, because with people like you around there simply is no hope. Thanks for ruining it, assholes.

    • happyheed says:

      so are you a collector or just a out and out reseller ??
      dorksol loves the resellers , he wants to help you all , thats why he made this all public 🙂

    • Simon says:

      Wow, Just would like to applaud you on this superbly written post, absolutely spot on. Could have not described the situation any better. 🙂

      What more can be said, which hasn’t been said. It is truly disgusting to hear what has happened to this once great and loving “hobby”

      Also, hats off to Startyde for probing out all the two faced liars.!!!

      It seems to me that the mods of the SGH forum are coming here and defending themselves for something which is clearly wrong and trying to place the blame on others. Goodness me mates, you need to get of your high horses.

      When someone else posts a Mega rare sealed game which the mods or shall I say in a more descriptive term “Nobs” do not own, they have to have it and they make it out like its nothing, on the other hand when they post a game it is as if it is the most prized possession in the world. Bloody tossers.

  16. Fred says:

    I identify myself with the post above . I am also a reseller with no job or any favourable future in the horizon. My only way of making money is to refresh ebay every 5-10 secs to get a good deal and make some good earned profit .
    This is my only of income and people like this makes me sick as they will buy the item from the seller and make an agreement with the seller so my profit is gone .
    Anyone doing this type of behaviour must be punished . The devil could only do this and I thank Darksol for the opportunity . Root in hell !

  17. Maxim says:

    @Fred & happyheed: I’m not interested in reselling, I just want to collect a few games for my personal collection because they have emotional value to me, it should be apparent from my post. If I had to rely on trying to find good deals to resell for some profit I’d starve to death and waste my time.

    I wouldn’t be mad at other people for backdooring and using scripts to ninja/resell if I had the same interest. I have the feeling you guys are butthurt and trolling for some reason.

  18. enze says:

    so many wasted words, lol

    As if one hatecrime article would change anything about the situation. Its only getting worse. Accept the reality and fine. If you wanna start to collect sealed in 2013 its too late anyway.
    Topic closed.

  19. fuckbucky says:

    Seventy five percent of the people on the SGH forum are scumbags ruining a once fun hobby, for as much profit as they can. They cant see past VGA’s cock in their mouth to know any better.

  20. Wif Waf says:

    Good to see an alternative to SGH. The utter tripe and hypocrisy on that site is amazing. I was blocked by some gay Australian bloke for merely questioning the value of a VGA graded Zelda tin listed for £499.

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