Some SUPER NTSC SNES sales from the past, with Snow White in Happily Ever After…

Hello people. While i’m thinking about second videoclip i thought like i need to do a general post and clear up some old shite.

There were some legit sales of some interesting games.

I’ll start with a game which i see for first time in my life. Well, i know there are many shitty games out there, so i may have forgotten about it. But, whatever. This game is called Snow White in Happily Ever After  and it sold for surprising 158$. But you know what, that’s predictable, and i’ll explain why.. in my next video episode.

Do you remember those extraorbital prices for some snes and nes and sega games from last months? Well, the same buyer was on the rush again purchasing Super 3D Noah’s Ark VGA 80  for just small dime of 2000$ and Super Punch Out VGA 85+ for as low as 1500$. Hard to comment here. If the person has money and no spare time to hunt he can just buy whatever he wants. True story here…Oh and why da fuck are there so many games with SUPER prefix… SUPER 3D Noah’s Ark.. SUPER DUPER PUPER Punch Out.. god damn..

Next were interesting ones. Some people debated in the past that Mario is Missing and Mario’s Time Machine are UBER rare games and super expensive. Well, truth to be told – they are not. They are not super rare, they are crappy and they ain’t worth millions. Just 330$ and 255$ correspondingly. Assuming condition was not so perfect on those…

Blackthorne  did sell for very high 284$ as well. Damn at least this game kicks major ass!

Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny  went for 250$ bin. Nice game. Quite rare i must say.. Another cool game Legend of Mystical Ninja  sold for 509$. Now someone wanted it BADLY cause price is waaay too high.

And i would like to finish with one of the most expensive Panasonic 3DO videogames. I need this one but it’s too damn expensive for me.. It’s called Lucienne`s Quest , this copy sold for incredible 787$. I think only those korean super rare games can compete with that. Even though the system itself was crappy.. for it’s time it was revolutionary and i somehow respect it a lot. It was one of the veeeery few cd systems we had here in Russia back then.

It was year 1995 i guess when i came to a videogame center that was situated in the bottom floor of the old cinema.. and i saw game that was named Captain Quazar.. oh hell the graphics blew my mind!! I was even scared to play it! lol.. These were the times..

See you soon, cockfaces.. 🙂

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3 Responses to Some SUPER NTSC SNES sales from the past, with Snow White in Happily Ever After…

  1. lefalaja says:

    i bet that shit cock game snow white will be graded and then pushed for 2 k
    by some dicks from SGH 😉

    MTM graded mint will be expensive for sure thanks to grading but
    for not a perfect copy the price is not bad i guess.

    who the fuck cared about 3DO! and you want to collect that shit!?
    man you collect more shit then my vacuum cleaner

    oh yea… such a cute boy LOL

  2. darksol says:

    I don’t collect 3DO but i collect RPG games for all consoles 🙂 So in the end i might need that crap

  3. rarecube says:

    It is also the first time I have ever seen snow white sealed too …
    Quite interesting Anton …

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