Chrono madness ….

What can I say over 2000 dollars for an 85+ sealed copy and still going … Is there any logic ? Well…
To many Chrono Trigger is the best RPG ever created for the snes system with the genius Dragon Ball maker  Akira Toriyama behind all the character designs and artworks . Lets not forget Chrono Trigger didnt get a European release and was only release for Super Nintendo making this game even more desirable to lots of the European collectors.
Due to all this factors and many more it is just natural all the collectors will want to have a nice mint copy in their collection.
Whats your opinion ? Is it madness or logical ?
Auction here 
– Val 

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9 Responses to Chrono madness ….

  1. happyheed says:

    awesome game , awesome post … i wish i bought one when they were cheap 🙁

  2. darksol says:

    have no idea why is this so high now. Maybe shilled
    BUT interest to CT is growing for sure. I had a couple of 1300$ offers on my copy.

  3. lefalaja says:

    yes it’s fucking stupid but then again we collectors are stupid 🙂
    all of us… let just get a life god dam it 🙁

    also this fucking website! Take it down DS cos you ain’t getting any bucky
    with this shit.

  4. BigHurt says:

    I think anyone that’s willing to pay extra for some VGA symbol is retarded and deserve to get ripped off.

  5. enze says:

    i mean i would have never expected seeing vga poopy on this site lol

  6. darksol says:

    I post a lot of vga poopy all the time! Stupid Enze meanwhile!

  7. rarecube says:

    Not long to go now….

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