Chrono Trigger Sales, Ultima Black Gate, Dead Space LE and PAL Landstalker, Final Fight 3 SNES

I am not very active at the moment because i have no money and > no need to browse egay. lol. But still i managed to notice some interesting stuff.

First of all THREE Chrono Triggers sold for just 1 week. They are getting more and more common.

Suspicious reseal for 610$ Chrono Trigger (Super Nintendo, 1995) New & Factory Se… , a very good-looking copy for 1201$ Chrono Trigger Super Nintendo SNES Flawless Factory Sea… and VGA85 for 1500$ 1995 SNES Chrono Trigger Factory Sealed VGA 85 which again prooves that VGA is fucking failure. lol

Well. A Chrono Trigger still holds it’s price firm. Good to know

Mine is still there for just btw 1499$Super Nintendo – Chrono Trigger FACTORY SEALED. Legit.

Legend of Zelda really dropped! 230$? C’mon! holy shit

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Super Nintend…

There was also a Silent Hill VGA 90 for 306$ and a quite EPIC auction with SNES Final Fight 3 ending at 395$ Final Fight 3 FACTORY SEALED NEW super nintendo rare

Super Metroid is kinda cheapo 316$ Super Metroid (Super Nintendo, 1994) NEW SEALED RARE!

tha-nothing lured Ultima Black Gate from somewhere and managed to dump it for just 400$. Imho quite low but condition was puke. This game is getting more common recently.

Dead Space Not So Very Limited Edition VGA95 sold for just 1451$. Low if you compare to previous overhyped insanity like 3k… But well. It was.. 300-350$ when it was released? So cmon people. Whad ya fucking want from it. Welcome to EARTH.

What is more interesting for me is a blister sealed Landstalker. Amazing, incredible game which i love among the rest sega games. And it’s first time i see it in blister. The price is always incredible for PAL shite! 256 EURO!

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