Bubble Bobble Part 2 NES, Little Samson, Dragon Warrior IV, Mega Man 3, Dead Space, Zelda LTTP

Ridiculous rarities ended some weeks ago.

First of all one and only Bubble Boblble part 2 for nes. One of the rarest and most expensive title in whole nex library. Ended at insane 5199$

Also Dragon Warrior IV which is very rare and expensive as hell. The price was epic too. 2025$

another super rare shitty nes game. Little Samson. 5500$! god fucks!

Little Samson NES

more interesting stuff:

Factory sealed Mega Man 3 (Nintendo, 1990) NES rare 255$


Zelda A Link to the Past (SNES-USA NTSC) NEW & SEALED  345 euro (~480$) not cheap but OK!

Another super rare gem, a sealed copy of Phantasy Star 1 for sega master system. VERY rare.

NEW Phantasy Star (Sega Master, 1987) FACTORY SEALED 200$. quite cheap i’d say!

this chrono trigger finally sold for 899$. lol. they are cheap as shit now.

Chrono Trigger SNES Super Nintendo New Sealed Rare



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