Sega CDX NEW, PS Final Fantasy 7 JP sealed + genesis goodness

Some memorable stuff sold some time ago.

First of all – A brand new Sega CDX. CDX itself is not cheap. IMHO it’s best sega console ever. Sega CD should just had never been born. lol . Finding a NEW cdx is pain in the arse. I really have doubts these ones was NEVER TRIED ON, but still it’s close to reality. The price as well. Sold for 530$

also seller had huge amount of genny games:

some remarkable prices :

Phantasy Star III Sega Genesis Brand New Sealed 265$ ridiculous!

Contra Hard Corps Sega Genesis Brand New Sealed 111$ (cheap)

Castlevania Bloodlines Sega Genesis Brand New Sealed 202$ expensive as hell!

Battletoads and Double Dragon Genesis Brand New Sealed 150$

and other nonsense
One more noticable game:

PS1 NEW UNOPENED Japanese Final Fantasy VII 1st Print

202,5$ a holy grail for most PS collectors. A really nice game to have. A Square milestone. Not often you see this on US ebay.

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