BEAT THE ASSMAN Competition!

all kind of NON-sealed videogames and chit-chat, talk about your grandma's pants or dog turds... we do not care... but we are interested!

BEAT THE ASSMAN Competition!

Postby Lefalaja » Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:06 pm

This is an idea i had today for a new competition :claps:

You need to beat me the ASSMAN in online games to collect as much points as possible :lol2:
The member with most win against me is the winner :gaydance:

Small action or puzzle games or even board games... or card games... :scrtatchchin:
There is a lot of online games that are fun....

Let me know if you find any cool online game that we can use :cuddle:


NOT sure when we will start this competition and not sure what is the prize :scrtatchchin:
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