Need help with INTRO video

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Need help with INTRO video

Postby darksol » Sat Feb 02, 2013 9:08 pm

Hey guys!
You know i am posting SVG blog videos where i talk about sealed stuff and my collection.
I barely have time to mix and shoot this stuff. And i did a very simply intro video there. I think i need a better one cause that one just suck. But i don't have skills for that. I am not good at special effects and my skills are very limited at video editing. If anyone have any idea or can help with a a SMALL like.. 15 sec intro video for SVG i'd be grateful! With the music and some jumping game shit about sealed games..
The one who can help will also make it in to the crew section: ... /the-crew/

thank you !!
:cuddle: :che:
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