Email problems!

Hello everyone!
Yes, we are not dead yet, just busy :)

There are some major spam problems on my host account now and they disabled whole email function. So new registrations do not work and all kind of emails as well. This will be all fixed very soon friends!

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Power Strike for Sega Master System

Hello everyone!
This time i’ve stumbled upon an interesting one to feature.

You know what’s master system? Noo?? Ok i’ll tell you. It’s a piece of shit. A boring, awful brick of shit. While it is considered a good system – it’s still shit. A shit that was supposed to outsell Nintendo as a third generation Sega console, but it could not fulfill that goal at all. It did well in Europe, Brazil and other Oceanic countires but failed in USA and Japan. Mostly because it was awful and games were awful as well. There are some releases though that are sought after by collectors, with Power Strike being one of them.

Power strike is an american name for a shoot em’up game called “Aleste” originally developed by a company Compile for japanese Master System called Sega Mark III. While Aleste was a spiritual successor of another schmup called ZANAC….

Already complicated, right? lol


Well, the deal with that american release is that it’s quite limited, first of all it was MAIL-IN ORDER FROM SEGA ONLY. It was not available in stores at all. Only later, when Master System was failing they dumped some of these to local supermarkets.. But originally it was hard to acquire, and well…. who would order a Master System game via such a pain-in-the-ass process anyway? Secondly it was quite weird – it was all in blue, the cover was blue and the manual was blue as well. Talk about “limited edition” here. While european release was all in color (less desired).

Here we have a sealed copy. I must say i cannot remember how many years ago i saw one.. Maybe 3 maybe 5 years… I cannot remember. But it’s truly rare, and i see major resellers like rarelucky already sending there lowball offers.

Good luck to the seller! The 2000$ price is quite hard to surpass.

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Mega Man 7 and Mega Man X2 for SNES on ebay!

Hello dudes! How r u? I am fine! No, not rotting yet! :P

mega man 7

For the first time in god knows how many years i see this rare game on ebay, Mega Man 7 for SNES. And not as an insane overpriced BIN but as a straightforward auction! Now this is really rare…Currently at 1075$ with 4 days to go. I bet 3k at least!




And what is most insane same seller also has Mega Man X 2 here! That is sick. Mega Man games are expensive like hell, and rare too. We’ve seen some MMX2 last and this year, but not so often. LOL

Funny is that very same seller also blacklisted in our database for selling reseal conterfeits. But theses ones look very real however.

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