There is a bug

Hi all!

It looks like there’s a nasty bug in one of the plugins connecting the WP to the forum.

I’ve disabled the plugin now but not sure how the board and registration system will behave now.

I am trying to resolve the issue ASAP.


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Sealed Video Games Blog Entry #10 – Video Game Haul #4 Divinity: Original Sin CE and why it’s AWFUL

Hey peeps! Long time no see!

Yeah. Busy time! But here we go. New video full of ass and cock!

Oh sorry it’s not, but it’s about one the worst (if not the worst) collector’s edition i’ve ever bought!

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Email problems!

Hello everyone!
Yes, we are not dead yet, just busy :)

There are some major spam problems on my host account now and they disabled whole email function. So new registrations do not work and all kind of emails as well. This will be all fixed very soon friends!

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